Laser Therapy, Vol.29 N.2-June2022

Laser Therapy, Vol.29 N.2-June2022

International Journal of Laser PhotoBioModulation, Biophotonics and Surgery
di Leonardo Longo, Carlo Fornaini


It is with great pleasure that we announce the resumption of the peer journal “LASER THERAPY” publications after two years of silence. In fact, due to the terrible pandemic that has devastated our world, has taken away friends and family members and has deeply changed our lifestyles, the latest issue was published online in the Spring of 2020.

Prof. Toshio Ohshiro, founder of “Laser Therapy” charged us to manage the Journal and we want to thank him for the trust placed in us, as well as for the enormous work done during these many long years. However, he will remain our point of reference as “Old Editor-in-Chief and Founder”.

We want to remember our friends who have supported the newspaper over the years and who are no longer with us: Kenij Yoshida, Abraham Baruchin and Kazuhiko Atsumi: may they rest in peace.

The realization of this issue was full of difficulties and required a lot of work on our part, but we did our best to get to the final result because we think that it may represent a sign of recovery of a normality after the COVID emergency.

For this issue we have decided to offer readers open access to all articles and authors the opportunity to publish at no cost.

The publisher is an Italian company, FILODIRITTO (, and with the help of the Head of the Organizational Secretariat, Ms. Roberta Miano, we want to be able, for the Autumn issue, to inaugurate a new website and an automatic submission system.

Last but not least, we want to thank all the Institutions, Societies and Associations that have supported LASER THERAPY in these years.  We ask them to go on to choose it for next years.

We thank all of you, Authors, Board Members, Reviewers and Readers, with the prayers of giving us the great help we need.


Enjoy the reading!



Leonardo Longo, Editor-in-Chief 

Carlo Fornaini, Co-Editor-in-Chief