Benefits for your Conferences

We can grant reliability, competitive prices, fast and accurate production. We will take care of all the necessary procedures for indexing by Clarivate Analytics, and for the assignment of DOI and ISPN codes.

Index Proceedings

Indexing Proceedings

In Web of Science

Filodiritto Proceedings Divison submits all the published proceedings to Clarivate Analytics for evaluation and indexing.


Indexing Journals

In Web of Science and Scopus

Indexing of a journal is considered a reflection of its quality. Indexed journals are considered to be of higher scientific quality as compared to non-indexed journals.


We perform all practices to require

  • CPCI: all the Proceedings published by Filodiritto Editore are submitted to Clarivate Analytics to be evaluated and indexed in Conference Proceedings Citation Index. Please be aware that the final decision depends exclusively on Clarivate. In the case of positive response, indexing time could take over 6 months.
  • WEB of SCIENCE: all Journals are submitted to Clarivate Analytics to be evaluated and (eventually) indexed in Web of Science.
  • DOI: on request, in collaboration with the International DOI Foundation, we can assign the Digital Object Identifier code to identify contents when your article or proceeding is published and made electronically available.
  • ISPN: in collaboration with Cambridge International Academics in U.K., we assign the International Standard Proceedings Number to record, track and classify the Proceedings published in electronic version.

Quality Editing

Attention to detail, personalized cover, high quality images, formal correction of the text, customized publishing projects.

Speed Publication

Publication within a month since the receipt of the revised articles; speed of execution in the processing of texts and graphics.