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Since January 2016 Filodiritto Proceedings: a division specialised in the publication of international proceedings (see below the list of the volumes already published).


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Web of Science Index:

We are pleased to inform you that the following Proceedings have already been indexed in Conference Proceedings Citation Index by Thomson Reuters – Philadelphia, formerly Clarivate Analytics, and the following Journals have been accepted in Web of Science:

  • Allergy, Asthma and Immunophysiology: Innovative Technologies, 2016
  • The 13th National Congress of Urogynecology 2016
  • 5th SPECTO 2016 - Probation as a Field of Study and Research: From Person to Society
  • Social Inclusion and Equal Opportunities - SIEO 2016
  • XXXVI National Congress of Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Digestive Endoscopy, 2016
  • 20th International Conference of the Association of Psychology and Psychiatry for Adults and Children – APPAC 2015
  • 21st International Conference of the Association of Psychology and Psychiatry for Adults and Children - APPAC 2016
  • 3rd Pan-Slavic Congress of Child Neurology and 21st CNM Congress (2016)
  • Insights and Potential Sources of New Entrepreneurial Growth (2016)
  • Allergy, Asthma, COPD, immunophysiology & Immunorehabilitology: Innovative Technologies (2017)
  • 4th ACADEMOS Conference 2017
  • 24th International Symposium of Research and Applications in Psychology, SICAP 2017
  • 5th Romanian Congress on Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology (2017)
  • NeurogastRO 2017 - Meeting of the Romanian Society of Neurogastroenterology
  • International Review has been accepted in the Emerging Sources Citation Index (Web of Science)
  • 13th National Conference of the Romanian-German Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology 2017
  • 2nd International E-Conference “Enterprises In The Global Economy” 2017
  • 6th SPECTO 2017- International Conference Multidisciplinary Perspectives in the Quasi-Coercive Treatment of Offenders
  • 14th National Congress of Urogynecology + National Conference of the Romanian Association for the Study of Pain 2017
  • International Conference on Economics and Administration 2017
  • National ENT, Head and Neck Surgery Conference 2017


What we are doing now:

Filodiritto Publisher has been appointed to publish the following


  1. The National Conference in Otorhinolaryngology and Cervical and Facial Surgery (Arad, Romania, 6-9 June 2018)
  2. IV National Congress of HPV + First Congress in Endometriosis (Bucharest, Romania, 14-16 June 2018)
  3. Congress of Urogynecology and Pelviperienology ((Bucharest, Romania, 4-6 October 2018
  4. International Conference on Economics and Administration (Bucharest, Romania, 8-9 June 2018)
  5. 12th national Conference of the Romanian Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology (Iasi, Romania, 20-22 September 2018)
  6. 35th Balkan Medical Week (Athens, Greece, 25-27 September 2018)
  7. 5th Medical Genetics Congress with International Participation (Gura Humorului, Romania, 26-28 September 2018)
  8. 3rd Enterprises in the Global Economy – EGE International e-conference (4th October 2018)
  9. 11th Innovation in Language Learning International Conference (Florence, Italy, 8-9 November 2018)
  10. 7th SPECTO 2018 (Timisoara, Romania, 13-14 September 2018)


In collaboration with Prof. Dr. Mirjana Radovic-Markovic we are working on the publication of two Journals:

  • International Review” (Prof. Dr. Rade Stankovic, Director of the Faculty of Business Economy and Entrepreneurship, Belgrade, Serbia)
  • Journal of Entrepreneurship and Business Resilience – JEBR” (Prof. Dr. Marko Caric, Director of the University Business Academy of Novi Sad, Serbia)

In collaboration with Prof. Domagoj Cingula we are working on the publication of the

  • “Journal of Economic and Social Development” (VADEA d.o.o. – Croatia)


Our publications:

  • Conference proceedings: we collaborate with some of the most important international scientific associations, publishing the proceedings of their conferences, which are gathered in printed or electronic books. The reprinting of articles that have already been published is possible.
  • Abstract Books: the publisher produces Abstract Books in both paper and electronic format.
  • Monographs: the publishing house evaluates the possibility of collaborating with professors, researchers and other academic professionals for the publication of monographs and textbooks, adopted and/or financed.
  • Books: the publishing house is always willing to assess unreleased works to include in its series.
  • Journals: the publisher is able to design and produce specialist scientific and trade journals.

All publications are ISBN/ISSN coded, according to the specific needs, and sent to be indexed in Conference Proceedings Citation Index / Web of Science, published by Thomson Reuters - Philadelphia, formerly Clarivate Analytics - ISI/Clarivate. We can provide DOI too.


To request information or submit a paper:

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Our Story:

Launched in 2001, Filodiritto ( is one of the first and leading Italian legal information portals as well as one of the most visited on the web with over 240,000 page views per month and over 1,500,000 page impressions. Since 2004 it has provided a free weekly information service through a newsletter that counts approximately 14,000 subscribers. Since its launch it has organised dozens of legal events and other professional events with Filodiritto Eventi, also under the trademark of Lexmeeting ( In 2008 Filodiritto Editore ( a publisher specialised in law, legal, scientific and trade publications was launched. In January 2016 these activities continue with the launching of Filodiritto Proceedings a division specialised in the publication of international conference proceedings.


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