Leonardo Longo

Prof. Leonardo Longo

Leonardo Longo, MD, is endocrinologist, Head of the Institute for Laser Medicine of Florence - ILM, Professor
of Laser Medicine and Surgery of Siena University (1995-2011), San Marino University, e-Campus University,
Founding President of the International Academy for Laser Medicine and Surgery - IALMS, Fellow of 26 Scientific
Societies, founding and honor member of 5 Scientific Societies, President of the International Society of Laser
Surgery and Medicine - ISLSM, from 2005 until 2009 and 2017-2019, President of the International Phototherapy
Association – IPTA, for the years 2009-2011, of the World Federation of Societies for Laser Medicine and
Surgery - WFSLMS (2013-2017). He is Visiting Researcher Professor of Universities of Bethesda and Vanderbilt,
USA; Czeske Budejovice, Kladno and Prague, Czech Rep; Vilnius, Lithuania, Warzaw, Poland; Uninove Sao
Paulo, Brazil. Dr. Longo studies and uses the biological and surgical effects of laser and intense light on human
tissue, especially on the skin, vein, nerve, muscle, tendon, connective tissue, stem cells and keloids, for wound
healing and scars remodelling, diabetes, brain and spinal cord injuries, for cutting and coagulation and
photodialisis in patients with chronic diseases. Dr. Longo collected until 2019 more than 150 meeting titles and
scientific publications, more than 20 treatises, 330 meeting papers, is Editor of Laser Florence Proceedings,
since 1999 until today; he is board member of 6 peer international journals, Laser in Medical Science (Associate
Editor), Springer London Publisher, Laser Therapy (Tokyo),Photomedicine and Laser Surgery, M. Ann Liebert
Publ, (USA), Journal of Applied Biomedicine (Czech Rep), Leadership Medica (Cesil Publ, Milano, Italy), Acta
Medica (Prague, Czech Rep), Dermatologic Therapy, Blackwell Publishing, Academy of Aesthetic and Anti-
Aging Medicine, Polish Medical Society Publ, Warzaw. He is President of Laser Florence Annual Congress and
Courses since 1997 until today. Detailed Curriculum vitae is published on the web.site www.longolaser.it