Rosamaria Bitetti

Dott.ssa Rosamaria Bitetti


Doctor of Philosophy, Law and Economics, Luiss, Rome, 2010-2013

Dissertation: Fringe law and economics; Supervisor: Prof. Roberto Pardolesi;

European Master of Law and Economics (LLM, MA and MsC Joint Degree)

Master of Laws, Rotterdam Universiteit, Rotterdam, 2010-2011

Master of Arts, Ghent Universiteit, Ghent, 2010-2011

Master of Science, Economics IGIDIR, Mumbai, 2010-2011

Final grade: 7.91/10, Great distinction from Ghent University

Master of Science, Economics Luiss, Rome, 2009

Dissertation: Chi Ha venduto Peter Pan? Mercati e regole per l’adozione e la procreazione assistita. Supervisor: Prof. Roberto Pardolesi;

Final grade: 110/110 cum Laude

Bachelor of Arts, Political Science, Luiss, Rome, 2007

Dissertation: La filosofia di Ayn Rand. Supervisor: Prof. Sebastiano Maffettone;

Final grade: 110/110 cum Laude


Organization for Economic Development and Cooperation, Paris, 2013

Policy analyst - External consultant

Feb-Sept 2013

I’ve been responsible for regulatory analysis of the 2013 content update of the Product Market Regulation indicators, a comparative survey of regulatory policies in 50 OECD and developing countries.

Two papers are forthcoming, but the resulting database and first elaboration is available at:

Sept 2013-Febr2014

I’m co-writing a working paper on the Private rental Market, assessing and comparing the balance between home-ownership, social housing and private rental policies in four EU countries:

“A revival of the private rental sector of the housing market? Lessons from Germany, Finland, the Czech Republic and the Netherlands”, OECD working/policy paper series, forthcoming

March – currently

I’m responsible for extending the PMR approach analysis to ASEAN and selected African countries.

I am supporting research in quantify the impact of economics sanctions to Russia.

Luiss Guido Carli University, Rome, 2013

Researcher, TA

I'm involved in the researches of the Laboratorio Analisi Politiche e Sociali.

Current topics:

- Democratization and market reforms (PRIN project);

- Unemployment and entrepreneurship

- Individualism, institutions and cultural change;

- Economic representations in the movie industry observatory

Recipient of a 3 year research grant on Open data and the policy cycle.

Open Knowledge Foundation, Cambridge, 2011 – 2012

Open Economics Working Group Core Team Member

I have been involved in several project to promote, use and analyze open data in social sciences; In particular, I’ve worked in the projects:

- Open Knowledge Index (available on, a comparative study of degree of use of open knowledge in the political cycle

- Yourtopia Italy (available on, an open data platform to build an user-generated index of social progress at the regional level 

Istituto Affari Internazionali, Rome, 2012

Global Outlook Research assistent

I've been responsible for the Global Outlook project, which involves analysis of how the geopolitical changes affect market forecasts in key regions or countries in 2012.

World Bank, 2011


I’ve been part of a consultancy project coordinated by prof. Andrea Renda on the topic: “Measurement and Assessment of Market Integration for the East African Community”, a comparative study of available systems for the measurement of regional integration and common market.

In particular, I’ve been analysing:

- Methodological framework and literature review

- ASEAN case study

- AEC comparison with other experiences and policy advices

Istituto Bruno Leoni, Turin, 2006-Currently


I carry out regulatory analysis and research, produced published papers or chapters in books, as well as editing and translations.

My expertise is in water services, ICTs and postal services, welfare reform.

Fondazione Ugo Bordoni, Rome, 2008-2010

Research team for the President office

Working with the President office, and with the Director of research, I’ve been involved, I've coordinated or participated in several research groups on ICT regulation and policy analysis, reporting to the Ministry of Economic Development-Telecommunications, and addressing also the scientific community and the industry.

I've been working, in particular on the topics of:

- ICT entrepreneurship,

- Spectrum allocation and digital divide

- Mobile Payment

- Green ICT

Atlas Economic Research Foundation, Washington, DC, 2008


I’ve researched no-profit management literature to implement a dedicated section of the website.

I was involved in event planning, fundraising and relation building.

International Policy Network, London, 2006

Research assistant to Dr. Kendra Okonsky, vice president

I performed primary research on public policy issues (e.g. Reach directive; international trade, HIV, property rights regulation of fisheries)


Lecturer: Public Policy Analysis, Luiss, AA 2014/15

Summer school in public choice, Bakuriani, Georgia, August 2014

Austrian Economics Shanghai Summit, Shanghai, China, July 2014

Teaching Assistant:

Economic Sociology, Spring 2012, Spring 2014

Political Sociology, Luiss, Rome, Fall 2013, Fall 2013

Comparative Political Economy, Luiss, Rome, Spring 2012, Spring 2014

Analysis of Public Policy, Luiss, Rome, Spring 2012, Spring 2014

Political Science, Luiss, Rome, Fall 2011, Fall 2011

Methodology of Social Sciences, Luiss, Fall 2012,Fall 2013

Responsible for seminars and classes concerning Austrian School of Economics, Public Choice and Bureaucracy, Institutions and development.

Publications, Presentations and Policy papers

• “Individualismo, cambiamento sociale e politiche pubbliche”, Sociologia, 2015, forthcoming

• “Representations of Luxury in the movie industry before and after the crisis”, presented ad APEE, Cancun, 2015

• “Democrazia e mercato “spacchettati”: un approccio micro politico”, in De Mucci (a cura di) Democrazia e Mercato, 2014, SOVERIA MANNELLI: Rubbettino Scientifica

• “The 2013 update of the OECD product market regulation indicators: policy insights for OECD and non-OECD countries”, OECD Economics Department Working Papers, 2014. [with Koske, I., I.Wanner, and O. Barbiero]

• "The Internet economy: regulatory challenges and practices", OECD Economics Department Working Paper No. 1171/2014, [with Koske, I., I. Wanner and E. Sutherland] Database and preliminary results available at:

• A Revival of the Private Rental Sector of the Housing Market?: Lessons from Germany, Finland, the Czech Republic and the Netherlands, [with Boer R] OECD Economics Department Working/Policy Paper No. 1170/2014

• “Google, Competition and Hegel’s Owl”, under review for publication as a chapter of Gerbrandy, A. and Kovac, M. (eds.) “EU competition law, economic evidences and the national enforcement problems”, Intersentia, forthcoming.

• “Economics of Failure in Movies after the Big Crisis”, IBL Mises seminar working papers series,

• The Italian Competition Authority fines a leading pharmaceutical company for an infringement of art. 102 TFEU by misusing patent (Ratiopharm/Pfizer), 11 January 2012, E-competition Bullettin, Nov 2011 [with Felice Simonelli]

• “Servizi idrici”. Chapter in: AAVV Carlo Stagnaro (ed.), Indice delle liberalizzazioni 2012. TORINO:IBL Libri, ISBN: 978-88-6440-109-6

• Yourtopia Italy - Measuring Social Progress with an open data experiment proceedings of Società Italiana Scienze Politiche Annual meeting, 2012 Rome,

• Competition Law in developing countries, Working paper selected by SIDE (Societa' Italiana di Diritto ed Economia) for the Annual Conference held in Turin in 2011

• “Servizi idrici”. Chapter in: AAVV Carlo Stagnaro (ed.), Indice delle liberalizzazioni 2011. Torino:IBL Libri, ISBN: 978-88-6440-045-7

• “Servizi idrici”. Chapter in: AAVV Carlo Stagnaro (ed.), Indice delle liberalizzazioni 2010, TORINO:IBL Libri, ISBN: 978-88-6440-022-8

• “Servizi idrici”. Chapter in: AAVV Carlo Stagnaro (ed.), Indice delle liberalizzazioni 2009, TORINO:IBL Libri, ISBN: 978-88-6440-008-2

• “Servizi idrici”. Chapter in: AAVV Carlo Stagnaro (ed.), Indice delle liberalizzazioni 2008. SOVERIA MANNELLI:Rubbettino Scientifica

• “Telecomunicazioni”. Chapter in: AAVV Carlo Stagnaro (ed.), Indice delle liberalizzazioni. IBL – Rubbettino – Facco, 2008 [with Massimiliano Trovato]

• “Fermiamo Babbo Natale!” (Santa Claus is abusing his dominant position!), available at:

• “Il cartello della rosetta e l’intesa dell’orecchietta” (Cartel hypothesis on local bakery industry), also available at:

• “La separazione strutturale, dal modello inglese a quello italiano” (Structural separation regulation in the natural gas industry – a comparison between Uk, European and Italian experience), Chapter of “Sicurezza energetica. Petrolio e gas tra mercato, ambiente e geopolitica”, Rubettino, 2008 [with Massimiliano Trovato]

• “Aspettando Godot. La (mancata) liberalizzazione dei servizi postali” (Liberalization of postal services), available at: [with Massimiliano Trovato]

• “BT: Privatizzazioni di Successo” (British Telecom, a successful privatization), available at: [with Massimiliano Trovato]

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