Total Nasal Reconstruction

nasal reconstruction
nasal reconstruction



Skin tumors have a high frequency in the nasaregion due to the cumulative effecoUV light in this part of the face. The most frequent type of malignant tumor of the nose and paranasal sinuses is squamous cell carcinoma.Oncologic management of large tumours of the nasacavity, with skin invasion or bone erosion, involves extensiveresection surgery that cacause important tissue defects, in order to achieve tumor freresection margins. For the headand neck surgeon the nasal reconstruction is one of the most difficult challenges, especially in cases of complex fullthickness defects remaining after malignant skin tumor resection. Full- thickness defects require demanding multi-step reconstruction.

Material and Method

This article is builaround the case of a 61 years old patient with carcinoma of the right nasal vestibule extended to theanterior part of the nasal septumIn thicase, we chose a three-stage nasal reconstruction.

Results and Conclusions

Total nasal reconstruction is one of the most challenging operations for a surgeon because both function andappearance must be aclose to ideaas possible and duto the importancof the nose in the identity of the person. Awell-executed forehead flacan result in the most natural-appearing, durable, nasal reconstruction. In terms of textureand color, no flaapproaches its suitability in terms of skin matching.


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Contributo selezionato da Filodiritto tra quelli pubblicati nei Proceedings “National ENT, Head and NeckSurgery Conference -2018”Per acquistare i Proceedings clicca qui.

Contribution selected by Filodiritto among those published in the Proceedings “National ENT, Head and NeckSurgery Conference-2018”To buy the Proceedings click here.