Trends in agile innovation management

innovation management
innovation management


The scope and type of applied innovations, as well as the speed of innovation by companies, today show a growing trend, which requires special efforts from the companies that claim to be leaders in the market. Therefore, these companies are forced to transform their innovative management into new forms. As an especially effective way to transform innovative management into the forefront, agile innovative management has emerged. Therefore, the theoretical desktop research of the state of development of agile innovative management from a number of perspectives has been carried out, as follows: agile innovation systems (AIS) as a phenomenon; the history of the creation of AIS; application of agile methods in companies; the basic function of agile innovation; places of agile innovation in the company; key elements of agile innovation; useful recommendations for companies that develop agile innovation; the process of agile innovation; agile behavioral approach; the uncertainty of agile innovation, and the measurement of agile innovation in companies. This paper summarizes the results of this research and gives guidelines to companies how to successfully implement agile innovation management.

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Contribution selected by Filodiritto among those published in the Journal “International Review – No.3-4/2018”

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